World Championships Aachen 2006

World Championships Aachen 2006



All Videos of FEI World Vaulting Championships Aachen availlable in 3 different packages.

-Package 1: Compulsories (Pflicht)

DVD1: Senior-Teams Compulsories
ca. 124 Minutes

DVD2: Individuals Compulsories
ca. 125 Minutes

-Package 2: Freestyles (Kür)

DVD1: Senior-Teams Freestyle,
ca. 103 Minutes

Individuals Freestyle
ca. 112 Minutes

-Package 3: Finals (Finale)

DVD1: Senior-Teams Freestyle, incl. Kiss&Cry
Show of the Vaulting Oldsters
ca. 100 Minutes

DVD2: Individuals Technical Test + Freestyle
ca. 127 Minutes