Grand-Prix Bucharest 2016

Grand-Prix Bucharest 2016



The DVDs of Grand-Prix Bucharest 2016 contain the complete competition, All Around and Apparatus Finals.
Also the Medal Ceremonies, Gala-Show and Training & Warm-Up have been filmed and are on the DVDs.

There are 5 DVDs of the whole event:

DVD1: Junior Team Place 09-29

Junior Team Competition Place 09 - 29
incl. Medal Ceremony

Runtime: 133 Minutes.

DVD2: Junior Team 01-08, Senior

Junior Team Competition Place 01-08
Senior (IT) All Around incl. Medal Ceremonies.

Runtime: 122 Minutes.

DVD3: Grand-Prix Senior AA

Grand-Prix Senior All Around
incl. Medal Ceremony

Runtime: 147 Minutes.

DVD4: Junior+Senior Finals

Junior Finals + Grand-Prix Senior Finals
incl. Medal Ceremonies.

Runtime: 154 Minutes.

DVD5: Training, Gala

Training & Warm-Up (69 Min.)

Runtime: 103 Minutes.