Academic Winter-Cup Sofia 2019 - VideoDVD

Academic Winter-Cup Sofia 2019 - VideoDVD



The VideoDVDs of Academic Winter-Cup Sofia 2019 contain the complete competitions of all categories.
Also the Medal Ceremonies have been filmed and are on the DVDs.

All Videos are also availlable in Full HD Quality here

There are 12 DVDs of the whole event:

DVD01: A+B 2011-2013, B2010L
All Around B2011-2013-Light-BUL, B2011-2013-Light,
B2011-2013, A2011-2013, B2010-Light

Runtime: 167 Minutes.

DVD02: B2010, B2009L, Groups
All Around B2010-BUL, B2010, B2009-Light, RG-Groups

Runtime: 170 Minutes.

DVD03: B2008-2009
All Around B2009-BUL, B2009, B2008

Runtime: 169 Minutes.

DVD04: B2007, B2008-BUL, Demos
All Around B2008-BUL, B2007, Demonstrations

Runtime: 165 Minutes.

DVD05: B2004-2006, B2005L-2008L
All Around B2008-Light, B2007-Light, B2006-Light,
B2005-Light, B2006-BUL, B2006, B2005, B2004

Runtime: 161 Minutes.

DVD06: B2003, A2008, A2010
All Around B2003+, A2010, A2008

Runtime: 174 Minutes.

DVD07: A2009, A2008-BUL
All Around A2009, A2008-BUL

Runtime: 178 Minutes.

DVD08: A2007
All Around A2007

Runtime: 176 Minutes.

DVD09: A2006
All Around A2006

Runtime: 156 Minutes.

DVD10: A2005, A2003+
All Around A2005, A2003+

Runtime: 170 Minutes.

DVD11: A2004+, Ceremonies
All Around Senior A2004+, Medal Ceremonies Day 1+2:
B2008, B2009-2013, A+B2011-2013, B2009-2010-Light, B2010, B2005-2008-Light

Runtime: 163 Minutes.

DVD12: Ceremonies Day 2-4
B2006 - B2009 - A2006 - A2008 - A2010 - B2005 - B2007 - B2008 - B2004 - B2003 - A2009 - Groups - B2008 - A2007 - A2006 - B2006 - A2003 - A2004 - A2005

Runtime: 185 Minutes.