1st Dany-Cup Montpellier 2017 - HD

1st Dany-Cup Montpellier 2017 - HD

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The Videos of Dany-Cup Montpellier 2017 contain the complete competition of all categories.
Also the Opening & Medal Ceremonies, Gala-Show and some Podium-Training have been filmed and are in the Videos.

All Videos are also availlable in Video-DVD Quality here

There are 5 Videos of the whole event:

Video-1: Hopes A+B

Hopes A+B incl. Medal Ceremony
Opening Ceremony

Runtime: 142 Minutes.

Video-2: Pre-Junior A+B

Pre-Junior A+B incl. Medal Ceremony.

Runtime: 169 Minutes.

Video-3: Junior + Senior B

Junior B + Senior B
Demonstrations of French Group
Impressions of Podium Training (78 Min.)

Runtime: 163 Minutes.

Video-4: Junior A

Junior A incl. Medal Ceremony Junior A+B

Runtime: 162 Minutes.

Video-5: Senior A

Senior A incl. Medal Ceremony Senior A+B
Gala-Show + Closing Ceremony

Runtime: 161 Minutes.