Happy-Gym-Cup Gent 2016

Happy-Gym-Cup Gent 2016



The DVDs of Happy-Gym-Cup Gent 2016 contain the complete competition, All Around and Apparatus Finals.
Also the Medal Ceremonies, Training & Warm-Up, Gala-Show and Demonstrations have been filmed and are on the DVDs.

There are 8 DVDs of the whole event:

DVD1: Hopes
All Around Hopes 2006+2007
Demonstrations during Competition

Runtime: 118 Minutes.

DVD2: Pre-Junior
All Around Pre-Junior 2004+2005

Runtime: 121 Minutes.

DVD3: Junior
All Around Junior

Runtime: 140 Minutes.

DVD4: Senior
All Around Senior
Medal Ceremony All Around

Runtime: 108 Minutes.

DVD5: Finals
Apparatus Finals Hopes, Pre-Junior, Junior, Senior
Medal Ceremonies Finals

Runtime: 152 Minutes.

DVD6: Training & Warm-Up 1
Training & Warm-Up Thursday (Training Hall)
and Sunday (Competition Hall)

Runtime: 159 Minutes.

DVD7: Training & Warm-Up
Training & Warm-Up Friday

Runtime: 170 Minutes.

DVD8: Training & Warm-Up
Training & Warm-Up Saturday

Runtime: 161 Minutes.