CVI Ermelo 2016

CVI Ermelo 2016



The DVDs of CVI Ermelo 2016 contain the complete competition of all categories.
Also the Medal Ceremonies have been filmed and are on the DVDs.

There are 6 DVDs of the whole event:

DVD1: Pas de Deux, Ind. CVI1-J

Pas de Deux CVI1-J, CVI2-J, CVI3-S
Individuals CVI1-J 1st Round + Finals
Medal Ceremony CVI1-J

Runtime: 156 Minutes.

DVD2: Ind. CVI2-J

Individuals CVI2-J
Compulsories, Freestyle, 1st Round + Finals

Runtime: 178 Minutes.

DVD3: Ind. CVI2-S, CVI3-S Male

Individuals CVI2-S, CVI3-S Male
Compulsories, Freestyle, Technical Test
Medal Ceremony CVI2+CVI3

Runtime: 170 Minutes.

DVD4: Ind. CVI3-S Female

Individuals CVI3-S Female
Compulsories, Freestyle, Technical Test

Runtime: 162 Minutes.

DVD5: Squads CVI2-J

Squads CVI2-J
Compulsories + Freestyle

Runtime: 161 Minutes.

DVD6: Squads CVI2-S, CVI3-S

Squads CVI2-S + CVI3-S
Compulsories + Freestyle

Runtime: 165 Minutes.