Academic Winter-Cup Sofia 2019 - HD-Video

Academic Winter-Cup Sofia 2019 - HD-Video

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The Full-HD Videos of Academic Winter-Cup Sofia 2019 contain the complete competitions of all categories.
Also the Medal Ceremonies have been filmed and are on the Videos.

All Videos are also availlable in VideoDVD-Quality here

There are 12 HD-Videos of the whole event:

Video-01: A+B 2011-2013, B2010L
All Around B2011-2013-Light-BUL, B2011-2013-Light,
B2011-2013, A2011-2013, B2010-Light

Runtime: 167 Minutes.

Video-02: B2010, B2009L, Groups
All Around B2010-BUL, B2010, B2009-Light, RG-Groups

Runtime: 170 Minutes.

Video-03: B2008-2009
All Around B2009-BUL, B2009, B2008

Runtime: 169 Minutes.

Video-04: B2007, B2008-BUL, Demos
All Around B2008-BUL, B2007, Demonstrations

Runtime: 165 Minutes.

Video-05: B2004-2006, B2005L-2008L
All Around B2008-Light, B2007-Light, B2006-Light,
B2005-Light, B2006-BUL, B2006, B2005, B2004

Runtime: 161 Minutes.

Video-06: B2003, A2008, A2010
All Around B2003+, A2010, A2008

Runtime: 174 Minutes.

Video-07: A2009, A2008-BUL
All Around A2009, A2008-BUL

Runtime: 178 Minutes.

Video-08: A2007
All Around A2007

Runtime: 176 Minutes.

Video-09: A2006
All Around A2006

Runtime: 156 Minutes.

Video-10: A2005, A2003+
All Around A2005, A2003+

Runtime: 170 Minutes.

Video-11: A2004+, Ceremonies
All Around Senior A2004+, Medal Ceremonies Day 1+2:
B2008, B2009-2013, A+B2011-2013, B2009-2010-Light, B2010, B2005-2008-Light

Runtime: 163 Minutes.

Video-12: Ceremonies Day 2-4
B2006 - B2009 - A2006 - A2008 - A2010 - B2005 - B2007 - B2008 - B2004 - B2003 - A2009 - Groups - B2008 - A2007 - A2006 - B2006 - A2003 - A2004 - A2005

Runtime: 185 Minutes.