Zhuldyz Cup Astana 2018 - HD

Zhuldyz Cup Astana 2018 - HD

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The Videos of Zhuldyz Cup Astana 2018 contain the complete competition, All Around and Apparatus Finals.
Also the Medal Ceremonies, Gala-Show, Demonstrations and some Training have been filmed and are in the Videos.

All Videos are also availlable in Video-DVD Quality here

There are 13 Videos of the whole event:

Video-1: RG Groups, Gala-Show
All Around RG Groups 2003-2012
incl. Medal Ceremony
Gala-Show + Demonstrations

Runtime: 144 Minutes.

Video-2: A/B 2011-2012
All Around Girls A2012, B2012, A2011, B2011
incl. Medal Ceremony

Runtime: 162 Minutes.

Video-3: A/B 2010, B2009
All Around Girls A2010, B2010, B2009

Runtime: 170 Minutes.

Video-4: A 2009
All Around Girls A 2009

Runtime: 168 Minutes.

Video-5: A/B 2008
All Around Girls A2008, B2008

Runtime: 165 Minutes.

Video-6: A/B 2007
All Around Girls A2007, B2007

Runtime: 148 Minutes.

Video-7: A/B 2006, B2005
All Around Girls A2006, B2006, B2005

Runtime: 165 Minutes.

Video-8: A 2005, B2004
All Around Girls A2005, B2004

Runtime: 143 Minutes.


Video-9: A 2004, A2003
All Around Girls A2004, A2003

Runtime: 141 Minutes.

Video-10: FIG Junior
All Around FIG Junior

Runtime: 143 Minutes.

Video-11: FIG Senior, Training
All Around FIG Senior
Training & Warm-Up (58 Min.)

Runtime: 154 Minutes.

Video-12: FIG Junior+Senior Finals
Apparatus Finals FIG Junior, FIG Senior
incl. Medal Ceremony

Runtime: 139 Minutes.


Video-13: Ceremonies
Opening Ceremony, Medal Ceremonies
A/B 2003-2010, Junior+Senior

Runtime: 149 Minutes.