World-Cup Sofia 2018 - HD

World-Cup Sofia 2018 - HD

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The Videos of World-Cup Sofia 2018 contain the complete competition, All Around and Apparatus Finals.
Also the Medal Ceremonies and Opening Ceremony have been filmed and are in the Videos.

All Videos are also availlable in Video-DVD Quality here

There are 6 Videos of the whole event:

Video-1: Senior AA Place 37-56

Senior All Around Place 37-56

Runtime: 158 Minutes.

Video-2: Senior AA Place 18-36

Senior All Around Place 18-36

Runtime: 151 Minutes.

Video-3: Senior AA Place 01-17

Senior All Around Place 01-17
incl. Medal Ceremony

Runtime: 151 Minutes.

Video-4: Seniorgroups AA

Seniorgroups All Around
incl. Medal Ceremony

Runtime: 160 Minutes.

Video-5: Senior Finals

Senior Finals incl. Medal Ceremony
Opening Ceremony

Runtime: 136 Minutes.

Video-6: Seniorgroups Finals

Seniorgroups Finals incl. Medal Ceremony
Impressions of Podium Training (33 Min.)

Runtime: 124 Minutes.