Royal Crown Thessaloniki 2019 - HD

Royal Crown Thessaloniki 2019 - HD

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The Videos of Royal Crown Thessaloniki 2019 contain the complete competitions of all categories.
Also the Medal Ceremonies, Gala-Show and all Demonstrations have been filmed and are on the Videos.

All Videos are also availlable in Video-DVD Quality here

There are 10 Videos of the whole event:

Video-01: Minis 2012+
All Around Mini 2012+ incl. Medal Ceremony
Demonstrations during competition

Runtime: 152 Minutes.

Video-02: RG-Groups, Children 2011
All Around RG-Groups, Children 2011
Medal Ceremony Children 2011, Gala-Show

Runtime: 124 Minutes.

Video-03: Hopes B2010
All Around Hopes B2010

Runtime: 159 Minutes.

Video-04: Hopes B2009
All Around Hopes B2009
Medal Ceremony Hopes B2009+B2010

Runtime: 151 Minutes.

Video-05: Hopes A2009, A2010
All Around Hopes A2009, Hopes A2010
Medal Ceremony Hopes A

Runtime: 139 Minutes.

Video-06: PreJunior B2008, A2008
All Around PreJunior B2008, PreJunior A2008

Runtime: 158 Minutes.

Video-07: PreJunior B2007, A2007
All Around PreJunior B2007, PreJunior A2007

Runtime: 132 Minutes.

Video-08: Junior 2006
All Around Junior 2006

Runtime: 164 Minutes.

Video-09: Junior 2004-2005
All Around Junior 2004, Junior 2005

Runtime: 157 Minutes.

Video-10: Senior 2003+
All Around Senior 2003+
Medal Ceremonies PreJunior A+B, Junior+Senior

Runtime: 153 Minutes.