Luxembourg Trophy 2018 - HD

Luxembourg Trophy 2018 - HD

Way of Delivery
USB-Sticks + HDDs


The Videos of Luxembourg Trophy 2018 contain the complete competitions incl. Medal Ceremonies.

All Videos are also availlable in Video-DVD Quality here

There are 7 Videos of the whole event:

Video-1: Baby, Mini, Kids-B
All Around Baby 2012+, Mini 2010-2011
Kids B 2008-2009

Runtime: 138 Minutes.

Video-2: Groups, Pre-Junior B
All Around RG Groups 2005-2009, AGG
Junior+Senior Groups
Pre-Junior B 2006-2007

Runtime: 152 Minutes.

Video-3: Junior B, Senior B, Kids A
All Around Junior B 2003-2005, Senior B 2002+
Kids A 2008-2009

Runtime: 167 Minutes.

Video-4: Pre-Junior A, Junior A
All Around Pre-Junior A 2006-2007
Junior A 2003-2005

Runtime: 157 Minutes.

Video-5: FIG Junior
All Around FIG Junior 2003-2005

Runtime: 181 Minutes.

Video-6: FIG Senior
All Around FIG Senior 2002+

Runtime: 152 Minutes.

Video-7: Ceremonies, Demo, Gala
All Medal-Ceremonies of Saturday + Sunday
Demonstrations + Gala-Show

Runtime: 139 Minutes.