Asian Championships Tashkent 2013

Asian Championships Tashkent 2013



The DVDs of Asian Championships Tashkent 2013 contain the complete competition, All Around and Apparatus Finals.
Also the Opening Ceremony, Medal Ceremonies, Gala-Show, all Demonstrations and Training have been filmed and are on the DVDs.

There are 6 DVDs of the whole event:

DVD1: Senior Team Competition Place 07-11
Asian Championships Senior Team Competition Place 07 - 11
and OC-Gymnasts, Opening Ceremony

Runtime: 148 Minutes.

DVD2: Senior Team Competition Place 01-06
Asian Championships Senior Team Competition Place 01-06
Medal Ceremony

Runtime: 152 Minutes.

DVD3: Senior All Around
Asian Championships Senior Final All Around
(AA of the best 15 gymnasts from Team Competition)
Asian Championships Seniorgroups All Around
incl. Medal Ceremonies

Runtime: 169 Minutes.

DVD4: Senior Apparatus Finals
Asian Championships Apparatus Finals of Seniors and Seniorgroups
incl. Medal Ceremonies, Gala-Show

Runtime: 165 Minutes.

DVD5: Junior All Around
Happy Caravan Junior Team Competition, Juniorgroups All Around
incl. Medal Ceremonies, Training & Warm-Up (34 Minutes)

Runtime: 155 Minutes.

DVD6: Junior Apparatus Finals
PHappy Caravan Junior & Juniorgroups Apparatus Finals
incl. Medal Ceremonies, Demonstrations during competition
Impressions of Banquet-Party

Runtime: 136 Minutes.